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LJR Batch Air Jordan 4 Retro Blue Thunder CT8527-018

LJR Batch Air Jordan 4 Retro Blue Thunder CT8527-018

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The mesh material on the upper of best Jordan 4 is a truly revolutionary design. Before the advent of Air Jordan 4 . basketball shoes have always appeared in front of people with a heavy image . while the mesh material that only appeared on running shoes in the past was the first. This material not only greatly reduces the weight of the shoes . but also liberates the wearer's feet. The most important thing is that the breathability of basketball shoes has been qualitatively changed . and athletes no longer have to wear airtight shoes. The “boots” of the best Jordan 4 are now on the court . and the flexibility of the mesh material also greatly improves the stretchability of the Air Jordan 4 . which significantly improves the athlete's role in changing directions and starting. Air Jordan 4 has brought reforms to the entire basketball industry . but a small creativity has promoted the development of the entire basketball shoe product.

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